Saturday, February 17, 2007

Do They Have A Flux Copasator

So, I'm checking my RSS reader and I notice that I've got a butt load of new comments. Someone, I think to myself, has been very busy. I check my email they're not there. No notification of the comments. So I click on one. And it's from a post I did back in 2005. Huh. I click another one. 2005. So I click yet another one. 2005, again. They're all from 2005. They say that your past will catch up with you one day, but this is ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Probably coming from Google searches.

Anyway, just dropped in to say howdy! Long time no see and all that stuff! ;)

Anonymous said...

Chris; It's "Capacitor".
Back to the Future's Delorean incorporated a "Flux Capacitor".

Christopher Lee said...

Well, I did a search and it spelled it Copasator so blamed the internet.

Anonymous said...

One can never trust the internets. I hear it's like a series of pipes? :P