Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Name Is Chris, And I'm Still A Conservative

I've gotten a little bit of flack from a couple of my readers for announcing my support for Giuliani. And since I did so I've had to ask myself how can I walk that line between compromise and hypocrisy. Guiliani is for same-sex marriage. I'm not. He's for unfettered abortion. Unless it's to protect the life of the mother or rape, I think it should be outlawed. He's pro-gun control, civil unions and gays in the military. Well, I'm with him on those issues. But the one single issue that would possible cause me to drop my support for him is illegal immigration. Basically, Giuliani is of the same mindset as President Bush when it comes to illegal immigration. He's for it. Amnesty, guest worker program and do nothing about the ones already here but help them stay. Not really sure where he stands on a border fence. Or tightening border control in general. I'll have to do some more research. Because you can fight this war on terror as hard as you want, but if you're letting terrorists into the country unchecked it's all for naught.

So, how do I continue to be angry at politicians who want abortions to be common in this country and still retain my integrity? How do I remain outspoken against gay marriage and keep my principals? How can I still want to boot every illegal alien out of the country, slamming those who don't, and hold onto my values? I guess that's something I'll have to work out for myself. Will I continue to slam Hilary and Teddy "100 Proof" and any one else for the same things Giulani supports? Yes. Will I feel bad about doing so? No. My values, principals and integrity are my own and aren't based on what others think.


Anonymous said...

I guess that's something I'll have to work out for myself.
Or you can just say "I disagree here and here, but he's the best option available"?
You're always going to find it hard to agree with a politician on everything.

Bad Bob said...

What about McCain? I just got a letter from his exploratory committee. Just curious about your thoughts.

Christopher Lee said...

If you would have asked me that question a year or two ago I would just blew John McCain off as a turncoat and said that I would vote for him. But sometimes out views of things change. I bitched and moaned when he formed the "Gang of 14", but today that's the very thing I'm calling for. Dems and Reps working together to actually get things done. I'm not really sure where I stand with McCain today, but should Rudy not win the nomination, and if McCain does, I might just vote for him. I couldn't give you a definite answer right now.

Anonymous said...

McCain is a washup, Guiliani is much more viable as a Republican candidate than anyone else and he has the best chance of winning against Hillary. Anyone who doesn't see this is has the political savvy of a rabbit.

loboinok said...

DeoDuce said...

Anyone who doesn't see this is has the political savvy of a rabbit.

Really! Giuliani's position on every issue is identical to Hitlery's.

We have a RINO running against a liberal, BOTH on the Democrat/liberal platform.

How politically savvy does one have to be to grasp the reality of that?

Most of Giuliani's support right now is from those who are remembering what he did following the attacks. Granted, he done an exceptional job and pulled the people together. I don't pick Presidential candidates based on emotion.

4 out of 5 people who now support him are not aware of his support of abortion, gun control and the border/amnesty issues. As they become aware of them, his numbers are going to drop.

If Giuliani were to be elected, he would be required to swear an oath of support and allegiance to a Constitution he is woefully ignorant of and demonstrably hostile to!

I hope you are fond of lettuce, deoduce!

Anonymous said...

Chris; Still a conservative who will vote for "Liberals" only because conservatives can't win?
Dude what happened to pricipled decision making? The hallmark of conservatism. Never give up your principles for "almost good enough" principles or personages.