Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just Put That Foot In A Little Deeper There, Johnny Boy.

First it was him hiring a couple of hatemongering bloggers then not firing them when it was reviled that they were such. And now, during a recent speech John Edwards told his audience that the greatest threat to world peace was Israel because they could destroy Iran's nuclear facilities which would set them back a few years from committing mass genocide against their people.

It's not the people who pack cars full of explosives and kill 50 innocent people who are the threat. No. It's no the people who are working on getting nuclear weapons so they can sell them to the people who pack cars full of explosives and kill 50 innocent people that are the threat. No. It's those damn dirty Jews again. You know, they're the cause of every bad thing in this world. Just ask Hitler and Ahmedinijad and Edwards.


Anonymous said...

Well you've still got no shred of proof about Iran wanting to make nuclear weapons. There wasn't much to start with, and all of it got shot down by the IAEA.

And the carbombings still don't exceed the number of people the Isarelis have killed.

But John's definitely not on the ball with it being the "greatest threat to world peace". It'd certainly turn the Middle East into a bloodbath though (comparatively speaking) - and it's very inline with Israel's current foreign policy.

Anonymous said...

Yes; it is in Israels current logical foreign policy to keep itself alive from genocidal maniacs who promise to exterminate the Jewish nation as soon as they aquires a nuclear weapon. I'am applaud these types of foriegn policy but should not the nations who threaten other nations with extinction be considered a greater threat to Peace? Edwards truly is as stupid as he looks.

Anonymous said...

One tends to judge by action. Let's take a recent example - they invaded Lebanon, bombing the crap out of it and killing hundreds if not thousands rather than negotiate because two people had been kidnapped.

Even the Iranians aren't that violent.

In every war the Israelis have been in, the death ratio has been around 10 enemies to every 1 Israeli. Israel has created over 700,000 refugees. And Israel is just as much theocratically run as Iran is (as I said, I dare you to wander down an Israeli main street wearing a t-shirt which says in both English and Hebrew "Jesus is Lord" and see what happens).

So your justifications of Israel's actions are about equally applicable to Iran. And that says something.

Israel kills more people. Israel reacts far harsher. Israel goes out of its way to prevent negotiations.

Add to that the fact that they bulldoze people's homes, and kicked out most of the people who'd been living there prior to Israel's inception, rather than actually trying to make friends, and it's not surprising people hate them.

And no, I don't want to see Israel destroyed. I just want to see the Israelis stop being so damn stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Iran doesn't illegally occupy other nation's lands, which is another thing it has over Israel.

Christopher Lee said...

Damn Israel anyway. They deserve to have their shopping malls and coffee shops and school buses blown up.

Anonymous said...

Not at all. But neither do the surrounding nations deserve to be occupied and treated as inferior and unworthy to be negotiated with, nor do the non-Jewish citizens in the occupied territories deserve to be treated like cattle to be slaughtered.

Both sides are in the wrong, but Israel is the side that dishes it out the most, contrary to what you believe.

Anonymous said...

Yea! After all; why should Israel be so concerned that every nation and People who surround them have tryed through attacks and all out WAR to destroy the country and people? Thats really nothing to hold a grudge about now is it?
They should just Trust the Pali's and Eqyptians and Syrians and Lebonese and Jordanians and Saudis. RIGHT??
All that Muslim talk about genocide for the Jews is just talk. No need for them to prempt anything by securing the borders and fighting back attempts at the killing and destruction of the tiny surrounded nation.

Anonymous said...

Nice way to completely avoid all points raised. Ignore the realities and be completely one-sided.

The "tiny surrounded nation" you've made sound so meek managed to completely decimate the forces of most of the nations you just mentioned in a period of six days.

They also happen to have the world's largest superpower behind them.

They're not in any real trouble. Nor do they need to go and look for trouble - which is basically what their foreign policy is currently.

Also, I'd like to point out that "securing borders" does not equate to, and is even actually interfered with by "fighting back".

Might I ask - Israel creating 700,000 refugees before said nations had even done anything... not a reason for the nations you've just villified to hold a grudge, is it?

Anonymous said...

I villified said nations?
You mean the facts and details of said wars and attempts at Jewish Genocide are all rumors? The calls for the destruction of Israel are just rumors as well as the indoctrination of Hatred in Arab educational systems and attepts to kill innocent civilians as a tactic of war; all just rumors??
How silly of me.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the success of the Israelis are just rumours too - or at least they must be, what with the way you dismiss them.

How's about this for rumours:
Palestinians in occupied Israel having to build cages around their house to protect themselves against the Israelis
a British film crew being harassed by Jewish settlers who tell them that they're proud they killed Christ, among many other things.

You want hatred, both sides are good for it. Unlike me, you simply deny one side does it - because I, unlike you, have regularly agreed that both sides are to blame.

Anonymous said...

I should clarify - "occupied Israel" means "those parts of Israel that legally belong to other nations" (ie, the occupied territories).

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree that there is extreme hatred on both sides. But I do disagree with you that its ALL Israels fault because they happen to have a superior military.
Israel deserves to live and exist and Iam on that side.

Anonymous said...

For fuck's sake, I never said it was all Israel's fault, nor did I ever say that Israel doesn't deserve to exist.

Go live in your dream world John.

Anonymous said...

Jeez..no who's the flip flopper?
Like a fish on the dock..flipping and floppin..

I guess Israel just deserves to exist somewhere other than where it is and the land that it RIGHTFULLY won after being attacked in an all out war?
Man you are clueless about how the world works.

Anonymous said...

John, I invite you to go through everything I've written. Nowhere have I said it's all Israel's fault OR that Israel should cease to exist.

Israel deserves to exist on the land given to it. And in case you weren't aware, you cannot "rightfully" win land in a war. That's called occupation, and is illegal - by the laws Israel itself has signed onto.

Talk about clueless - you reach the point of being hypocritical. You were so loud about how Saddam had broken UN decrees, yet you're oddly silent about how many Israel's broken.

Christopher Lee said...

Now you two, if you can't.... God, I've been here before. Try to hold off on the barbs at each other and stay on topic. This post isn't about Israel's right to exist or who backs them, it's about John Edwards.