Sunday, February 4, 2007

Random Thoughts XVII: I Get To Vote Next Time

Can someone please explain these stupid white kids who take pictures of themselves flashing fake gang signs or upside down peace symbols calling themselves "gangsta", because I don't get it. You take the little bastards and place them in a real "gangsta" situation and they'll be crying for mommy withing 3 minutes.

Why are there no good radio stations anymore?

Tara King was good, but she wasn't no Mrs. Emma Peel

Oklahoma turns 100 in November.

I am such a stereotype

Smokehouse Blues

I could never be a vegetarian. Animals taste too good

Rock on, Kitty

I always thought Bob Seger would have a deeper speaking voice

I love cobbler. Peach cobbler. Apple cobbler. Blueberry cobbler. Cherry cobbler

I hate when someone doesn't post a Thank You when you add them to your Myspace friends list. And speaking of Myspace, I also hate it when someone sets their profile to Private. Pisses me off

Why do some tend to think that "groundbreaking" and "cutting edge" mean offensive?

I'm in love and her name's Shelby

Born In Time

$40!!!! Are You Joking?!?!?!?

I hate ass pimples

God bless the man that invented the bikini. He should have a school named after him

Battlestar Fracking Rulez!!!

I Am Man, Hear Me Roar
Cause After A Plate Of Beans You Can't Ignore

Why does Chief Auto Parts insist on pulling his dress up? Don't nobody want to see that

Songs I never get tired of:
Back In Black
Sin City
Stairway To Heaven
Comfortably Numb
Carol Of The Bells
Burning Love
Hey Jude
Let It Be
Tuesday Afternoon
Mustang Sally
Behind Blue Eyes
Long Live Rock
Love Reign O'Er Me

Jealousy doesn't become you

Big money, big money, big money, no wammies.... STOP

It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming let me out


Gayle said...

LOL! You're a trip. I like your "love" choice. You have excellent taste! :) Just don't buy a silver or gray car... they blend in with the highway too well. I recently had a friend killed who was driving a gray car because the trucker didn't see him. The worst accident I ever had was in a silver car because the driver didn't see me!

Have you sent this week's Hero's post out yet? I'm wanting to be sure you got a change of address for me. I'm going to leave my change of address in another comment, just in case. Please delete it when you've copied it. Thanks!