Monday, February 26, 2007

An Inconvenient Hypocrite

This Was Brought To My Attention By Greta

Well, well, well. If Babs is the Queen of Hypocrisy then the Great Green Savior Al Gore would be the King. It's come to light that the Borebot 2000 uses more electricity at his mansion in Tennessee in one MONTH than the average American does in an entire year. And that usage has actually went up since the release of his documentary. But don't worry Al, other Hollywood hypocrites will still continue to kiss your ass. They won't let a little thing like this get in their way.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you hear? It is OK - he purchases carbon credits to cover it.


Anonymous said...

Mansion? Wealthy enough to own a huge mansion but a Democrat? But wait; Republicans are the party of the rich and the Dems are the party of the working man..Right? This does not make sense unless you check the Financial records of all members of congress. Past and present.
Dems are the party of the rich and the super-rich. More Liberal Hypocrasy and propaganda lies concerning the class baiting Libs.
But I digress..back to the subject of the article.

Anonymous said...

"Republicans are the party of the rich"
A 'shit-load' of cash is a fundamental requirement for anyone to run for president. (It's another serious flaw in the US political process).

Someone can have 'the best of intentions', to aim to be president simply to 'look out for the working man', but the reality is that they have to be a rich bastard to stand any chance of being elected.
What was the cost of the cheapest successful presidential campaign?
(How much does a Floridian court cost?).
What 'costs' other than money does one pay to become the prez of US?

Anonymous said...

"he purchases carbon credits to cover it"
I don't know how little of the international effort/system is reported over there, but 'carbon credits' are a means of 'offsetting' carbon dioxide emissions (although it isn't as good as not creating massive amounts of CO2/not having massive energy consumption in the first place, it does seem a bit 'piss-weak'/hypocritical that Gore uses massive amounts of energy).

The system works by those who are efficient selling their allocated 'credits'(as allocated under Kyoto agreement), and net CO2 output offset by growing an equivalence of trees to consume the CO2 you've caused to be generated.

So Gore's 'carbon credit's' might come from an industry that is allocated a certain amount of credits, and doesn't use all of them, so they trade some 'carbon credits' (trading in carbon credits is a big part of some stock exchanges' activity) . It may ease his guilty conscience (the cost of credit are like a penalty), but just because he's 'paid a fine', it doesn't mean that his CO2 has been disposed of (traditionally offset with additional trees), or sequestered underground (another means by which CO2 is disposed of is by burying it [although I don't know if that's got past the experimental stage yet]).
The bottom line is, none of those technologies are as good as not using massive amounts of energy in the first place, naughty boy mista Gore! (... and also a hypocrite, it would seem).