Monday, July 30, 2007

A Perfect Example Of Liberal Ignorance

We all know that if you want people to come to this country legally, you're a racist. And a commenter on this blog lets us know that. In my post "Stick To You Guns" about the Maricopa County Sheriff who's refusing to to take down the hotline to report criminals, RudeBoyMurphy said the following:
I notice it says they are 'analysing the tips, but haven't acted on any yet'...
Does that mean the pointy white hoods are still at the dry-cleaners?
That's it Murphy, show us that wonderful Liberal logic.


Anonymous said...

(while I'm flattered by the all the attention)
You know that was just a bit of fun, and more to the point, that I have explained that my gripe is about the inequity of 'border security', it's not that your country and mine pursue 'illegal immigrants' (I use inverted commas as over here the gov uses that term to break international law... don't know about there).
The problem is that gov's pursue some people fervently, while ignoring others (hence the racism reference), if you were serious about border security, then how about chasing the white folk too, that's all. It's not a inequity restricted to America, but you make a lot of noise about it (I'm no less impressed by the fed gov here, but at least they are going into 'involuntary retirement in a few months)

... but then again, what would I know? Apparently, I'm 'an ignorant liberal' (thanks).

Christopher Lee said...

You're welcome.

Deoduce said...


That's the IQ I'm betting smurphy has.

Mrs Xoke said...

I wouldn't even have given him that many points deoduce. You are too kind. The problem is that most people don't realize that immigration itself is not what most of us have a problem with. It is illegal immigration. Entering the country without going through the proper channels and following the rules. As to inequity, well, if more of the illegal immigration is occurring from one group of people, then it isn't odd to see more control on that border. After all, if the same bank gets robbed repeatedly, but one down the street doesn't, which one would you hope the police drive by more often? That is just the logical thing to do.