Monday, December 14, 2009

12 Fun Facts About Me

It was supposed to be 10 but I found two more.

1. I'm afraid of the dark
2. I can't swim
3. I'm much stranger than people give me credit for
4. I use to be more Liberal in my youth
5. I build my computer
6. I don't like people
7. I believe in aliens and ghosts
8. I find women in their underwear hotter than when naked
9. In my offline life I curse like a drunk sailor
10. The last movie I saw in a theater was "In The Army Now"
11. I've never been to a concert
12. My current favorite song is Get Yourself High (Felix Da Housecat's Chemical Meltdown Mix) by The Chemical Brothers


Silke said...

Why do you believe in aliens and ghosts? Have you seen them yourself?

Christopher Lee said...

Never saw an alien, though I thought I saw a UFO when I was a kid. But it turned out to be a spotlight from the airport. We, myself, my nephew and my friend, stood out in my backyard with a camera using the flash to illuminate it. We were kids. As for ghosts. I still, to this day, am not sure of what I saw once, but I was laying in bed one night and looked over in the mirror and could swear I saw something white hovering over me.

But I don't believe we're the only sentient species out their. All those galaxies with all those stars with all those planets. There's bound to be something. As for ghosts, I believe there's a possibility that part of us lives on. Whether it's a spirit or soul or simple energy or what I don't know.

Silke said...

Personally, I’ve never seen anything that looks like an alien space ship or a ghost and I don’t think there’s any credible evidence that aliens have visited our planet or that ghosts haunt places. It sounds like you may have had a waking dream, which is not unusual. It feels very real to the person experiencing it.

I do think there’s a real possibility that life exists on other planets. Whether it is intelligent life and whether it has the technology to communicate with us is another matter. It’s also possible that extra terrestrial life existed a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away :-) ) and died out or it may emerge a long time from now. But that doesn’t mean I think aliens have visited our planet. I’ve never understood why people who see things they can’t identify automatically assume it must be alien or supernatural.

SSG_E said...

Aliens? I'd settle for finding intelligent life on this planet.

But seriously, there are things that have occurred throughout history that defy explanation. There is so much that we do not understand. It would be folly to dismiss the possibilities.

Christopher Lee said...

I never said they had visited us, I just said I think life outside of us exists. And I wasn't asleep. I'd just laid down. It could have just been light for all I know.

Silke said...

SSG E, dismissing the possibility of something and saying something is very unlikely given the lack of evidence are two different things. The inability to explain something isn't a particularly strong argument for anything. Doesn’t it make more sense to assume a plausible explanation rather than something totally far-fetched like alien visitation or ghost haunting?

Chris, waking dreams often happen before people fall asleep. But you’re probably right that it was more likely a trick of the light. I just find it interesting that you think it could have been a ghost.

SSG_E said...

Stop taking yourself so seriously. If people aren't going to be more fun I am going to go hang out somewhere else. lol. It's like the other day when I mentioned on Hooah Wife that the History Channel said the world was ending in 2012. Technically I am right. They have been playing a lot of Nostradamus and Mayan calendar shows. But when I made that comment everyone seemed to take it so seriously. C'mon! I know sarcasm doesn't translate well when I am typing, but use some common sense!

I never claimed that anything unexplained was alien or ghost. Now it might be an alien-ghost or bigfoot. Just saying that throughout history when people could not identify something, or readily explain some unknown phenomenom there have always been these archetypes people turned to. That being said, when you eliminate the probable sometimes what is left makes no sense. I am naturally skeptical but always try to keep an open mind. I believe you Chris. I believe...

Silke said...

Sorry I didn’t get your joke about the History Channel, SSG E. It just didn’t make any sense in light of the subject we were discussing.

SSG E said: I never claimed that anything unexplained was alien or ghost. Now it might be an alien-ghost or bigfoot.

Yes, it might be an alien or a ghost or Bigfoot or even an invisible dragon, but given the lack of evidence it probably isn’t…that’s the important part.

That being said, when you eliminate the probable sometimes what is left makes no sense.

So? Something that is unexplained is just that…unexplained.

I am naturally skeptical but always try to keep an open mind.

Yes, that’s certainly important but once you’ve examined all the evidence there’s nothing wrong with tentatively accepting or rejecting a claim – especially a highly improbable one. Keeping an open mind is really about being open to new arguments or new evidence.

MadamRude said...

Chris, thanks for sharing like this! One thing you're not afraid of, is being truthful about yourself. That's cool.