Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Military Is The Enemy

Chris Matthews has become an even bigger ass the Keith Olbermann, if that's possible.


Coach Mark said...

it all relates back to the leftist idea that washington somehow controls all the money and politics in the world. and it's the military, controlled and brainwashed by conservatives, that makes this possible. there have been lots of times when, liberal and conservatives have used military and political pressure to get what they wanted in third world nations. but, in our globalized society, Matthews is merely pushing a narrow minded agenda. truely sad.

SSG_E said...

Matthews and Olberman are both morons. I don't understand how anyone could watch these complete and utter imbeciles. Except to laugh at their idiocy. People give Beck a hard time and make fun of him, but at least he's honest and tells you up front that he is a rodeo clown. Matthews and Olberman are especially sad because they delude themselves into thinking that they are important and respected. Fact is no one watches them. Which is why when they say something stupid, which is often, no one hears about it for the most part.

Miss T.C. Shore said...

A tingle goes up my leg every time Chris Matthews says something stupid.

(I can't hardly walk when his show comes on.)