Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa Was Bery, Bery Good To Me

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday. Mine was pretty good. It was only my mom and myself this year. One of my brothers and his family went up to Arkansas to be with their daughter and her family and no one else was able to make it down because of the snow storm that went through on Thursday. The brother that was to bring the turkey down was one of those who couldn't make it down, so we had no turkey but we had everything else. And I made a killing when it came to gifts. I didn't get my "Firefly" DVD boxset, :(, but I did get a giftcard so I ordered it, :) If you've never seen "Firefly" do so. One of the best shows ever made. I got two of the Dark Tower comics compilations. I need to order "The Long Road Home". I also got Stephen King's three latest books and "Serenity", which is the "Firefly" movie. And in the tradition of bizarre stocking gifts I got some Neosporin spray, a pocket word search book, a back scratcher and a staple remover. Even though there was no DVD boxset or turkey, and I couldn't turn on the Christmas lights because of the snow, it was a pretty good day. Now on to 2010.


BetteJo said...

I love the search for good stocking stuffers which in my house have ranged from baked grubs (many years ago) to wasabi gum balls (this year.) Corn dog flavored mints and devil-ducky band-aids. Fun!
Glad you enjoyed yours!

Christopher Lee said...

Ok, gross, eww, hmmm and awwwww. If you go over to Think Geek they have bacon flavored mints. I might have to try those.