Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rush Limbaugh In The Hospital

Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a Hawaiian hospital on Wednesday with chest pains and was said to be in "serious condition". Here's some of the vile things I've seen on Twitter about this:

I hope Rush Limbaugh dies. I really do and I don't feel even the slightest bit bad for saying it.

Dear 2009: you have approximately 23.5 hours left to not suck, so sack up and LET RUSH LIMBAUGH DIE.

No one wants Rush Limbaugh to die. But they do want his doctors to fail.

Rush Limbaugh recovering in a Hawaii hospital. From the heavens a voice is heard to say... "Shit! I missed!"

That's just a small sample.


MadamRude said...

Yah, I thought the crap about Tony Snow was disgusting enough. Never saw so many Liberals pray before! And I wonder - just who they're praying to, for Rush to die?
Pathetic, immature.... - blech.

Leslie said...

To some ignorance is bliss, then again in this case so is stupidity and making oneself look like a jackass. NEVER would I pray for someone to die.