Thursday, December 31, 2009

That's How You Win A War On Terror

Sending GITMO detainees to Yemen, a country that's looking like the the next front in this war. Yeah, that's smart. I honestly don't think Obama has any idea what to do. Hell, he never did. The man is an epic failure, and we still three more damn years of him.



Silke said...

What do you mean it’s “looking like the next front in the war”? Ever since the bombing of the USS Cole we’ve known Yemen is a problem. In reality there is no “front.” Ideology and tactics have no boarders. Fundamentalist extremists will go wherever they can. Personally, I don’t blame any President for the actions of terrorist but if you’re going to call President Obama an epic failure than you must also consider President Bush who released far more prisoners from GITMO. This is from the article you cite:

"Two of the former detainees tied to the al-Qaeda branch in Yemen were released under the Bush administration to Saudi Arabia and then traveled to Yemen, according to the Post."