Monday, November 7, 2005
This is the third post on the subject. Greta is a crusading advocate for adoption. She's asked me to help spread the word twice before.

Post 1
Post 2

And while she hasn't asked me this time, I though I would help her out. Click the above link and read her post she has up. And if you or anyone you know is thinking, or has ever thought about, adopting a child you can contact her and she can fill you in on anything you need to know. These kids deserve to have a loving home. Also, if you have a website could you please help spread the word?


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Does this mean you might actually like kids? They don't all look and act like Malachi from Children of the Corn. At least, not on a regular basis! Thanks - I really appreciate this!

Christopher Lee said...

I don't really mind kids, so long as they're no where around me. But seriously, every kid deserves a good home.