Tuesday, November 15, 2005
You Dirty Rat
RatLike rats jumping ship. They see the lies and spin by Big Media taking hold and they start turning their backs. Kind of like what the Left did to Clinton in his last few years in office. I'm ashamed to have these spineless rat bastards in my party. I'm ashamed to call them Republicans. They're jackasses in elephant's clothing.


Anonymous said...


You seem like a reasonable guy.

In his speech on Friday and again last night Bush said that, in his opinion, people who questioned his use (or misuse) of intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war were "deeply irresponsible."

Perhaps if he had a better grip on reality he would understand, as you do, that 57% of Americans believe that he misused the Iraq intelligence for the purposes of justifying his decision to go to war.

I'm aware of your contention that Bush is not desperate, but what is it if not desperation that causes a president to accuse the 57% of Americans who disagree with him of being "deeply irresponsible?"

Do you agree with the president's characterization of 57% of your fellow countrymen as irresponsible? Do you believe that it is appropriate for a president to characterize the clear majority of Americans who disagree with him in this way?

Christopher Lee said...

You must be new to the blog, because I'm not that reasonable. Just like W, I think the Left has every right to disagree with him and his choice to go to war, but to say that he lied and manipulated the intelligence to do it is more than irresponsible. It's asinine. Every Democrat who voted to send "our kids" to war saw the same thing Bush did. Are you telling me they lied? Or are they just too stupid to make up their own minds?

And the only reason 57% of the people now think going into Iraq was wrong is because they've bought into the lies and spin of the media. When you're bombarded with negativity day in and day out some tend to fall for it. Hell, it worked with Hitler and his "Jews are evil" rants.

Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Phil - you are truly a product of the media. How about the polls from the troops -hmmm??? High re-enlistment and full support of the mission. Stop reading the dang paper and start reading blogs. Be wary of polls and who is polled!

Chris can be kind of reasonable if you agree with him!

Christopher Lee said...

Damn right.

Anonymous said...

All the Republicans are scarred of '06 elections. They are, in a way, forced to distance themselves from the president because the anti-American media has been successful in skewing reality. But one thing I'm getting pissed at is how long it's taking to train the Iraq military. Let's get this thing done, because we have Iran to worry about!

Chris, can you do me a favor and see if Modblog is down again. I'm pretty sure it is but if you can check and make sure it is. Thanks.

Christopher Lee said...

Yeah, I wish it was going faster as well but if you listen to Big Media you'd think that no one wanted to join when in reality they have hundreds signing up every day.

It seems to be. It's been down for a few days now.

Anonymous said...

So Chris, you believe that when Rumsie stated that we knew where the WMDs were, that that was not a lie to manipulate the public? When Rice said that we know that Saddam was actively pursuing nuclear weapons, that that was not a fabrication?

But back to your original posting, something which relates, from the opposite side:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I shoulda linked that to make it easier. Here you go.