Sunday, November 27, 2005
Boy, this says a lot about Hollywood and how they fell about America. Could these be thinly veiled hopes?


Jake said...

I'd take a guess these shows are actually post-apocalypse Earth, not just America.

Besides, Dark Angel was set in post-something America and it was fairly well (until it's horrid second season, at least).

Christopher Lee said...

Read the story. Post-apocalyptic America.

Jake said...

Well, one the story is from Drudge, who isn't fully trustable. And two, this will be series, meaning they will start with the destruction of America/Earth, and then will move on to the people trying to cope and rebuild.

Just to point out something, as I type this (1:57pm CST), it's about 66 degrees outside, the other half of my county is under a Tornado Warning and it's 77 degrees. I find that fascinating.

Christopher Lee said...

I can beat that. It's about 35 degrees with a strong north wind here in the Great State of Oklahoma. Nice and cold.

Christopher Lee said...

Why isn't Drudge trustable? He takes stories others have written and links to them. How does he put a Conservative spin to that?

Anonymous said...

The fact that he tries to make everything out to be an attack on someone? Or hypes up things which are irrelevant?

I don't 'spose it occured to you that any American-made series set in a post-apocalypse will by definition be set in America? It's the only way they can get people to relate to the characters.

And I should also point out that nowhere in there does it mention Muslims. In fact, I'm willing to bet that they're all bad spin-offs of the book of revelations.