Tuesday, November 8, 2005
What's this? I thought France was so open that it didn't have racism. You know, except against Americans, Germans, English, Italians, Polish, Jews and a few others. But racism against Muslims? That's not supposed to happen there. On a side note, Chiraq has declared a state of emergency. What's that mean? Curfews. Dear God, not a curfew. That'll show 'em. He, Chiraq, continues to show his cowardness by not calling in the military. I know the French military doesn't have the best record for bravery, but this is something they just might be able to handle. I mean, how big of an idiotic moron is he? Don't they have the History channel in France? They need to watch some programs about the riots in the south during the 60's. How were these things stopped? Military intervention. Police alone can't stop it.