Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Help Me Out Here
Polly Want A PulloutI can't quite figure this one out. Nancy Pelosi today:
"I'm endorsing what Mr. Murtha is saying, which is that the status quo is not working and that we need to have a plan that makes us safer and our military stronger and makes Iraq more stable"
Murtha's plan is to pull out in six months. How is turning tail and leaving before Iraqis are able to defend their own country going to make us safer and them more stable? I would really love for some weak-kneed, Left-wing, anti-freedom nut to explain this to me. I would ask Murtha and Pelosi but they're too busy parroting the DNC talking points to actually answer a question.


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

It is called democrat mumbo jumbo. OR talking out your ass!

Opinionnation said...

She voted for the war before she voted against it! lol

Oh wait... that was Kerry..or Biden..or Kennedy.. or whoever, I can't tell anymore.

Parrot is the right description.

M. Sheldon said...

Think real hard...
McGovern, 1972ish, DNC nomination acceptance speech, dems lost big.

Anonymous said...

Um... you do all realise that the US is using its reserves in Iraq now, because you don't have enough troops?

That's kinda what they meant.

I disagree on the "Iraq more stable" bit, but it would certainly make your military stronger again.

Christopher Lee said...

How would it make us safer?

Anonymous said...

It has little bearing on making you safer actually. It'll make your military STRONGER... but safer (in relation to the factions in Iraq) is actually an irrelevancy.

Think about it. You pull out, Iraq becomes another tinpot dictator state. The only reason Saddam made it as long as he did was because the US funded him. Now Al-Qaeda or another large terrorist organisation has lots of cash yes... but not enough to run a country AND keep its operations going.

So pulling out will allow your military not to be so spread out - thereby improving military strength. It wouldn't do a damn thing for or against your own safety. Currently you're only there for the Iraqi's safety.