Tuesday, November 29, 2005
The Power Of The People
You see, the people can get their voice heard.


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

I am so excited about this!

Jake said...

You are completely working against yourself. You didn't read the ad, I can tell.* Because if you had, you'd realize what a fool you are.** You can tell how much bullshit is in that ad by just looking at it.

If you want America to become a Christian Theocracy; go ahead and continue to support this organization.

*One common denominator defends the likes of NAMBLA, nudists, Planned Parenthood and homosexual activists. One denominator defends pornographers like Larry Flynt, euthanasia advocates like Jack Kevorkian and atheists like Michael Newdow.

**Although given how many times I've already pointed out to you how full of shit "Stop The ACLU" is, I doubt this will change anything. Funny, they bitch and moan about having XXX-Mas shit removed from goverment buildings, but they never praise the ACLU for defending street preachers, students...


... or anyone else who gets censored for making a religious statement.

Pick & Choose, I guess.

Funnily enough, their little list of things to do... would all be defended by the ACLU.

Way to go guys!

Christopher Lee said...

So Jake, are you saying that, because of the one or two intelligent things they do, it absolves them from all the asinine shit they support? Just saying that it's okay for NAMBALA to do what they do takes them out of the running to be taken serious. And you're being a little paranoid if you think Stop The ACLU will somehow turn this country into a Christian Theocracy.