Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hollywood vs. The Environment

So, we've seen that the Hollywood community en mass have jumped on the Global Warming bandwagon and has made it their new pet cause. It's their new colored bracelet if you will. But what are they really doing for, or in this case, to, the environment? They go on talk shows and preach to us simple folk on how we should be living our lives to try and save Mother Earth. Hell, they're even going to be arriving at the Oscars tonight in environmental friendly "green limos". But do these people actually practice what they preach? Do they truly walk the walk rather than just talk the talk?

If this were one of their big budget movies, this is where the sinister music would come in.

A 2006 study done by UCLA discovered that the actual Hollywood industry itself is one of the largest polluters there is. Out shined only by "Big Oil". God, no wonder L.A. is coated in a think blanket of smog all the time. I guess you can get George Clooney to drive around town in a Tango but just try to take away his smoke belching air conditioned trailer.

John Travolta, who actually sits on the board of the Environmental Media Association, and was once even nominated for a Environmental Media Award, tools around the country in five private jets. Just image what his carbon footprint is. Actually, private jets seem to be the favorite toy of the stars.

Then we have Ted Kennedy and his nephew Robert Kennedy, Jr. We all know Bobby Jr.'s stance on the environment, and Teddy boy once said
We should stop the non-scientific, pseudo-scientific, and anti-scientific nonsense emanating from the right-wing, and start demanding immediate action to reduce global warming, and prevent the catastrophic climate change that may be on our horizon now.
Then, perhaps, the Kennedy's should give up their part ownership in the Arctic Royalty Trust which leases out land for oil drilling. But Teddy is honest about one thing. In his Blueprint For America, he said
We should reduce our dependence on foreign oil
Sure, that way we can start using your oil.

And that leads us to the Queen of Environmental Hypocrites. Barbara Streisand. Babs once said on a television interview
We are in a global warming emergency state.
Well, she sure ain't helping anything. Ms. Streisand once spent a whopping $22,000 to water her lawn and has a 12,000-square foot air conditioned barn in which she stores nothing but her memorabilia. That's a lot of waste. She even once told the American public that they should use clotheslines to dry their laundry. But you can look at pictures of her Malibu home and you'll not see one clothesline. Why? Because according to her publicist, what Babs said didn't necessarily applied to her.

So the next time one of these people tries to tell us what we should be doing, perhaps we should ask them where they got their PhD in Climatology.

And this is only a small sample of the double standard. There are plenty more cases, but two hours on a post long enough for me.


Anonymous said...

It is not just the dimwits in Hollywodd living in Fantasy's they create; it the whole Liberal crowd. "Do as I say because I'am smarter and better than you; but not as I do." Hollywoodies and Acedemics and your garden variety Liberals can all be used interchangably in this article.

Anonymous said...

"Hollywoodies and Acedemics and your garden variety Liberals can all be used interchangably in this article"
Well that's a massive generalisation. Chris used the results of study for the basis of his claim. What's your claim based on John, your second-favourite prejudice?
It's a real stretch to equate the excessive lifestyles of the moronically rich, with the behaviour of: a) liberals, b) academics.
Just a hint John, you can't buy too many private jets on an academics' salary.... and why you would think that academics and liberals should be the cause of excessive pollution, is truly a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... All those explosions and car-chase scenes that liberals have in their everyday lives, I totally see it John.

And I know all my university lecturers have 12,000 square foot air conditioned barns for their books. I mean, that's just common sense, right?

Anonymous said...

I was aluding to the "attitude" OF THE ELITIST crowd. Of which acedemics and Liberals in general seem to aire.

Anonymous said...

Of course the study is about an industry's greenhouse gas emissions, not their elitism, so it actually had little relation to the content of the article.

Chris brought up the elitism. That study didn't.

Anonymous said...

Little to do with the content of the article. EXACTLY the same as most ALL of your posts, Za.
You are allowed but Iam not?
Does not seem very sporting of you now does it.

Anonymous said...

Exactly the same as "most ALL" of my posts? Which is it? Most or all?

I do go on tangents, but I state when I'm doing so. As proven here however, you're not observant enough to be able to state when I am or am not on topic, since you seem capable of directly talking about an article yet having nothing you say bare any resemblance to said article (which I believe we've come across before when you used an article which specifically said most Muslims are peaceloving to argue that most Muslims are violent).

Anonymous said...

Za; Can you say "incoherent"?
Nice try.

Anonymous said...

I think it's interesting that when John attempts to damn liberals with an article about Hollywood, and fails miserably, he then tries to make an equally absurd 'leap of logic' in criticising Za as 'off topic' (when it's just been demonstrated that his assault on academics is absurdly 'off topic' [what's the matter? Did you submit some of your 'theories' in an essay, and get ridiculed by an academic]).

(and the cherry on top) When his cognitive faculties fail him, John claims that Za is 'incoherent'. (The only incoherent part was a direct quote of you, John. ["most ALL"]).

Give it a rest John, not everything is the fault of Muslim terrorists, liberals, or communists.