Thursday, April 12, 2007

Imus, And Other Stuff

Well, I've avoided this for one simple reason. It's a non-story. But there is one thing I wanted to talk about. Something he said on his show today I thought was worth talking about.

Not only Sharpton, but also Jesse Jackson. They were so ready to convict and hang these guys. Will they hold a press conference and apologize to them? I'm guessing not. Also, since this post also deals with racist remarks, since when are these two any sort of moral authority on this? Sharpton once referred to white people "interlopers" and "crackers" and called a Jewish man a "diamond merchant". Then there's Jesse Jackson and his infamous "hymie town". These two racist, anti-semitic jackasses have absolutely no ground to be upset about this.


Anonymous said...

All the blood on Sharptons hand from the riots and racially motivated killings in Bensonhurst and else where; he has some nerve shooting his mouth off agaoinst Imus and his insensitve remarks.
What about Rosie ODonnell and her insults about Asians? Why is'nt she being fired?
Why is not the media showing the same zeal in reporting the slanderous and racially charged words of Jesse Jackson when he refered to Jews as 'Hymie's"?
The hypocrasy is as glaring as the sun during noontime.
Imagine what would happen if Imus had been a conservative or Republican instead of a liberal Democrat. They love eating thier own; those Libs.