Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Letter To The President

Below is a copy the email that sent to the White House today.

Mr. President,

My name is Chris (Last Name Withheld Here) and I am writing you this letter today to express my views on the situation in Iraq. Before I go any further, let me just say that I support the War On Terror. It was the right thing to do after we were attacked and continues to be the right thing today. That being said, I wanted to talk about the votes that have taken place in Congress over the past two days to being withdrawing the troops from Iraq. While I don't agree with the Democrats plan to pull all American troops out of Iraq by next year, that's a foolish idea, I do think it's time to start pulling some out. I'm not an expert on military tactics. I'm not even going to try and be an "armchair General" like so many others, but I don't think we can hold their hands forever. We need to start letting go and let the Iraqi government and military take more control. Democrats in Congress continue to talk about "compromises" needing to be made. And I agree. Compromises do need to be made, but from both sides. A good compromise, at least in my opinion, would be to pull a third of out troops out, redeploy the rest along the borders to try and stop the flow of al-Qaeda from coming into the country and let the Iraqi military take over the duties of securing the parts of the country that are still under threat. An imperfect plan for an imperfect fight. I know. Maybe I am trying to be an "armchair General" after all. Obviously, we need to keep a military presence in Iraq for quite some time. To think otherwise would be short sighted, but I don't think we can continue to keep the troop levels where they are now and face future threats that will show up in the years to come. This may be a decades long fight and we're not going to be able to put the majority of our focus on just one front.

Thank you for your time,
Chris (Last Name Withheld Here)
Agree or disagree with me, just try to keep the discussion civil.


Anonymous said...

Nicely put.