Friday, April 27, 2007

PeTA Is So Damn Stupid

It's not an "it", it's a "he".

I tell you, when my dog reads a story from the AP he's extremely offended when they say "it" or "whom". He's a person too, damnit.

I weep for this country because of where we're heading.


Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on PETA
(opps! too late)
Those freakin morons having been sticking their over-simplified celebrity stupidity into things they don't understand for a long time...
I happen to agree with some of the things they CLAIM to stand for, but the reality is that they are willing to shoot their mouths off, without actually looking into the issues first.
These are the same clowns who have been waging a war against the Australian wool industry over a practice called 'mulesing'. PETA claim that it is unnecessary to remove a small patch of skin around a sheep's butt.
It's true, you don't have to do it
... but if you don't, and the sheep is in Australia, there is a good chance that maggots will eat the arse out of sheep! (the maggots start at the arse-end, and work forward, painfully killing the sheep)
Mulesing is not an ideal solution, but until CSIRO come up with another solution, PETA are going to do their level-best to convince the world that, there is nothing more evil than an Australian sheep farmer!
I'm hoping George Bush & co. doesn't hear them, otherwise he might put Aussie farmers on his axis of evil list.. again!
For all the hype about 'free trade', US markets are among some of the most protected in the world.