Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Music

How do you combat global warming? Why, you throw a concert that spans the entire planet, Antarctica included, and goes one for 24-hours straight. That's how. Think about it. This concert will take place in July. For the Northern hemisphere, at least, that's Summer. All the Captain Planets will need their air conditioners. Not to mention all the electricity that will be needed to power their trailers, amps, guitars, lights, microphones, pyro, the television cameras and what not. But wait, according to the Wikipedia article,
Organizers have stated that the venues will utilize on-site power generation, efficient methods of energy utilization and sustainable facilities management in an effort to minimize environmental impact
So maybe I'm wrong. But at least we have the fuel that will be needed to fly these carbon credit eco-warriors to their venues. How else is Korn and Oasis going to get to Australia and the Black Eyed Peas going to get to the U.K.? Swim? And the fuel that the concerned concert goers will need to drive to the shows. But I'm sure it's a small price to pay to bring awareness to the damage us common folk are causing.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I can guarantee that if you come up with an alternative eco-friendly way to keep aircraft in the air, you will make a fortune.

It's hardly hypocritical if they don't have a choice in transport methods.

Christopher Lee said...

Oh, it's very hypocritical. Do they have to take their private jets? Can't they fly commercial like the rest of you. I don't say "us" because you'll never get me in a plane. Wouldn't that be a little more eco-friendly? And I don't mean to just their venue for this upcoming concert. I mean in their everyday travel. And what about the rest of the stuff I talked about? No matter what they say, all that electricity that'll be used won't be good for the environment. The very thing they're rallying against. And what about the concert goers. How much gas, or petrol if you like, will be used around the world that day? This whole concert is a hypocritical sham meant only for one purpose. So these people can feel better about themselves and continue to pat themselves on the back. Okay, I guess that was two reasons.

Anonymous said...

I'll pay the private jet/commercial airline point. Commercial airlines would be more eco-friendly - but you're making an assumption that these people do use private jets; something we've yet to see substantiated anywhere.

The rest of your argument though sets a double-standard. These people intend to stage a protest in the only way available to them. The fact that they're protesting against the very methods they use is not "hypocritical", because they can't really do it any other way. So your argument taken to its logical conclusion would have them do nothing about the problem they really care about.

That's how you justify wars isn't it? Killing people now to save a larger number later? Well this is polluting now to stop a larger amount of pollution later.