Friday, April 27, 2007

Too Freakin' Funny

We all know that the world hates America. We're the evil empire and all, but it seems they're not too fond of the French as well. But here's the best part. The French don't even like the French. Those crazy frogs.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not ashamed, I like the French (mostly, that bit in the Pacific in the 80's wasn't cool)
I can't think of another 'western' culture that values intellectual pursuit...
News broadcasts over here (Australia)(and a few other places I can think of) will get quotes on an issue from actors, popstars, and then add a token 'scientist', who happens to have spent most of their adult life studying the issue at hand, but no one takes them seriously...
If you you want to know about the viral properties of small-pox, or about the half-life of carbon isotopes, ask Brad Pitt, don't talk to someone from in bio-chem, or a physicist, wtf would they know?
If you have one of life's great questions you want answered, ask a celebrity.
Well, that's one of the things that I like about the French, if they want to know something, they'll ask the person who can best answer it, not a vacuous, walking plastic-surgery advertisement, who is famous for being famous.

The thing that article lacks is contrast with how, say, the Italians feel about the Germans. Put in the proper context, the French maybe more popular than any neighbouring peoples/country.

So, tell me, what does everyone have against the French?
(other than 'but they're French'), or is this just left-over manufactured resentment from when France and Germany suggested that invading Iraq without any real plan was a bad idea?
(From memory, the warning was, that it would be a mess without a clear end (apart from the fact that Iraq was none of America's business)).

Anonymous said...

I can't think of another 'western' culture that values intellectual pursuit...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know, should have read something like:
I can't think of too many other 'western' cultures that values intellectual pursuit to the same extent
... Germany has a similar attitude, as do a few others
It isn't exactly quantifiable or a competition
...just sloppy writing on my part, but you get what I mean.
Although France might be more likely to act on beliefs.
1968 and France were (despite being the former colonial masters) the catalyst for anti-Vietnam War movement, and haven't been 'backwards in coming forward' since, although how much is that 'the people, and how much government is another question, (New Zealand also needs adding to that list)