Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Strike, Strike, Strike

I'm not a big fan of those who go on strike, but that's exactly what our military should do until those in Congress stop acting like babies. First they tried to tie the funding for the troops in with a timetable and other assorted crap, and now they're talking about stage two when that plan fails.
Sen. Carl Levin, a Democrat and chairman of the Armed Services Committee, told reporters in Michigan Monday that if Bush vetoes their original bill, Democrats would go with a "second-best approach" to dealing with security issues in Iraq. He said the second bill would tie U.S. economic and military support to the Iraqi government's ability to meet performance benchmarks.
Not only screw Iraq once by pulling all troops out, but screw them twice by removing all support. "I'm taking my toys and going home". Babies.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Have you considered the practical implications of keeping the troops there?

They've already had their tours of duty extended another 3 months (I'm sure that's Bush supporting the troops), and many are up to their fourth tour.

The US does not have the manpower to keep this up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I needn't point out that if the troops strike that would help the Democrats more than the Republicans.

They're in a war with no defined end-goal, and the Dems want to put in actual standards by which one can measure success (something Bush is loathe to do - wonder why?).

If the troops were to go on strike, do you honestly think it would be because the Democrats are trying to get them out of combat?