Saturday, April 10, 2004
Well, sort of. With all this hoopla about this August 6 PDB that the left want declassified, where's the same outrage for Clinton to release documents that stated terrorists linked to Osama bin Laden planned a "spectacular attack" that involved kamikaze pilots crashing U.S. airliners into targets that included the Pentagon, the Capitol building and significant U.S. skyscrapers? These warnings were so well known that they were covered by the media. Hypocrisy and Double Standards. Read the article.
Credit: NewsMax

According to a BBC poll, enough said right there, 52% of BBC views world wide feel that the U.S. and globalization pose a bigger threat than does war and terrorism. Other threats on the list were:
Corruption came in second place
War and Terrorism came in third with 50%
Hunger came in fourth with 49%
and Climate Change in fifth with 44%

Got to love those "progessives". We're a bigger threat to the world than starvation. We need to be stopped before they can even tackle little babies starving to death. Saddam kills hundreds of thousands of people? Well, he'll have to wait his turn. Climate change, globalization and corruption I couldn't really give a rats ass about. They forgot AIDS on that list. How many people has AIDS killed worldwide? But that's important right now.

Credit: NewsMax
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing