Monday, April 19, 2004
I have no title for this post. I couldn't think of one that would do it justice. I just got done watching Band Of Brothers that I taped last night. The episode where Easy Company found the concentration camp. 6,000,000 Jews killed. Look at that number again and study on it. 6,000,000. All killed for no other reason other than they were Jewish. Adolf Hitler ordered the genocide of these people. Not to mention the 5,000,000 other ethnic minorities that were butchered. So, in total, over 11,000,000 human beings killed by the orders of one man. That's roughly the population of New York City. So someone, anyone, please tell me how on God's green Earth can someone compare George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler? If I could put forth my true emotion towards this in type I would, but I can't. Every time I hear or see some fucked up piece of shit say George W. Bush is just as bad or worse than Adolf Hitler I want to take a baseball bat to base of their skull. There has never been a bigger monster on this planet than Adolf Hitler. If anyone can show me an instance where Bush has ordered the extinction of a group of people then I'll be right on the front lines of these protest marches. Watching this episode I broke down twice. Once when they first entered the camp and the second when one of the "prisoners" told them why there were there. "Jude, Jude" Jew, Jew. I makes me sick when I see these assholes carrying these signs that say "Adolf Bush" or whatever else their small little minds can come up with.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing