Saturday, April 3, 2004
I wanted to talk about these new Left-Wing media outlets that are starting to pop up. Al Gore's already failed cable news channel and the liberal Air America Radio and why they're going to fail. The number one reason? Two words, "no market". If people want liberal radio, they turned to NPR. If they want liberal television, they turned to CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS or countless other channels. They think they can counteract FoxNews's success by coping their format and filling it with spin. Or Rush's and Sean Hannity's success on the radio. They don't understand that people don't want that. That jackass Al Franken and his "O'Franken Factor". It's laughable. Al Franken is a mentally unstable man who can't deal with the fact that Bill O'Reilly will trounce him every time. So he goes off and becomes the "flagship" show of Air America Radio thinking people will turn off "The Radio Factor" and turn on his lie-spewing, spin-filled, vindictive show. It ain't going to happen. They can't figure out why Conservative radio and news channels have become so popular. I'll tell you why. We Republicans had to put with the bashing, the lies, down talking, not giving us a voice Big Media for too long. We fought back, and won. There was a huge demand for the Voice of Reasoning, and the ratings prove it. Franken and Garofalo think there's a huge market for their extreme, far left, hate filled rhetoric. While that may be true in places like San Francisco and Seattle, that's not the case in middle America. Al Gore's cable news network seems to have already failed before it got off the ground. I give Air America Radio until maybe August or September before it goes Off-Air.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing