Friday, April 30, 2004
First, the good. There is a growing demand in Canada for the Fox New Channel. The Canadian government steadfastly refuses to allow the Fox New Channel in Canada because under Canadian law every channel has to show a certain amount of Canadian programming. Could you imagine the outcry from people here if something like this was done. "Censorship" they would be crying. It's not so much the average Canadian citizen, it's the media and the government that I don't like. Both are extremely left-wing hate machines.

Now the bad. We all know the story of the Canadian governments harboring the two army soldiers who went AWOL to their socialist bosom. I wont' get into a whole long post about the Canadian government, that's not what this is about. This is about those two cowards who ran up there to hide. I love and respect the men and woman of the military, but these two are gutless pieces of crap. And the Canadian government has just proven themselves not much better by letting these guys in there. The Canadian press is a very left-wing American hating press. The newspaper, The Toronto Globe and Mail, have leeched themselves onto these two gutless wonders in hopes of spinning their "story" to the Canadian people to "prove" that every man and woman in Iraq are against this war. People like DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe and Mockumentry directory Michael Moore loved calling Bush a deserter, where are they now that we actually have two real deserters? They're more than likely praising them and calling them heroes. One last thing on this subject. I'm I right in thinking that this action use to be punishable by death? I'm being serious. Wasn't deserting your post during war time punishable by execution?

Now the Canadian...boycott that is. Bill O'Reilly is talking about boycotting Canadian goods just like he did the French. Those two cowards I talked about in the last part are seeking asylum in Canada. But for asylum to be granted they have to prove that they'll be killed if they return to America. And since the most they would probably get is five years in prison, they're lives are in no danger. If Canada grants these two asylum, O'Reilly is calling for a boycott of all Canadian goods in America. I support this action 100%. Granting asylum would be a direct slap in the face and undermind our efforts against terrorism even more so than they've already done.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing