Thursday, February 23, 2006

Islam: Religion Of Danger

IslamIf you read my post Swallow Your Pride it may have looked like I had turned over a new leaf. That maybe I had realized the errors of my ways. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. I still believe that Islam is a danger to the civilized world. I mean think about it. Can you name me another religion that, when they feel insulted, issue death warrants and put prices on the heads, and I literally mean the heads, of the ones that insulted them. For the love of God, innocent people are being killed because of damned cartoons. I mean Christians and Jews are attacked on a daily basis in newspapers and on television, yet I don't see them taking to the streets threatening to bomb a building or kill a writer. And don't give me this crap about how it's a small minority. It's bigger than some want to admit to. There's a large sect of people out there who truly believe that their holy book says it's okay to kill anyone who offends you or doesn't convert to your religion. That if someone draws an image of Muhammad you're perfectly justified in shooting them. That if they're an "infidel" it's perfectly rational to take a knife and cut their head off. That if they're a Jew, no matter how young or old, it's perfectly fine to strap a bomb to your back and blow that person up. That if they don't believe in what you believe that it's perfectly sane to take an airplane and crash it into a building killing almost 3,000 innocent people. Islam is a real danger to this world and the quicker some people realize that the better.
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mississippimud2007 said...

Islam is indeed a danger to all that is not Islamic. That link will take you to "Two hundred years ago American sailors sailing the Mediterranean faced the same choice when their unprotected ships were captured by the Islamic "Barbary Pirates" of North Africa." We'ev been fighting against islam since the inception of the Country. Nice blog as well. :)


The Chief said...

Hey guys you're not even safe from them if you are a Muslim. Look what they are doing to each other in Iraq right now. When they get urge for a little violence and no infidels are handy, another sect will do just as well. A good murder between prayer just hits the spot.

Guy Fawkes said...

I fully agree with you that Islam is a danger to Western Civilization. I also believe that America is the bulwark of Western Civilization. I am a Brit whose freedom has already been given to the nanny state. Don't let the same thing happen to the United States.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you should investigate Efrain Rios Montt. "Born Again" President of Guatemala in the 80's. Killed off many thousands of the natives, and the justification given by his minister was:
"We hold brother Efrain Rios Montt like King David in the Old Testament. He is the King of the New Testament. The army doesn't massacre the Indians. It massacres demons, and the Indians are demon-possessed. They are communists."

Americas Watch had this to say about the Guatemalan army:
"...the army does not waste its bullets on women and children. We were repeatedly told of women being raped before being killed, and of children being picked up by the feet and having their heads smashed against walls..."

Or if you want another example from recent history, which also reflects on Muslims, there was the genocide of Rwanda, where Catholics and Protestant leaders (Quakers and Seventh-Day Adventists excluded) not only didn't speak out against the killings, but actively promoted the genocide for their own purposes. And unlike the Christians, the Muslims didn't participate in the killings.

Or if you want a larger historical example, which I know grinds your bones, take Nazi Germany. The Nazis were motivated from a deepseated Christian-based hatred of the Jews. Not a single German bishop - Catholic or Protestant - spoke out against the slaughter (unlike say the French Archbishop of Toulouse). In fact, Bishop Dibelius and Bishop Sasse publicly expressed hope of a "solution" to the "Jewish problem". And you might want to dismiss them as caught up with the evils of the Nazis, but anti-semitism in Germany had been around for several hundred years - Martin Luther, the progenitor of the Protestant Reformation was an outspoken antisemite as well.

Christianity, all through the ages, has been just as bloody and violent as the Muslims. Note that you've only been able to cite cases of Arab Muslims being psycho. Arab Muslims make up a bit under 20% of the Muslim world - and it's certainly NOWHERE near all of the Arab Muslims doing these things. There are still cases today where Christianity is doing even more horrible things than this - like dipping children in vats of acid to stop them from being witches in Africa, and so on. You've just got to see the proportion of nutters to the proportion of sane religious proponents.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot see how anyone (Za) can possibly even remotely take an article concerning what is happening in the world with Islam; and turn it around to compare it with any of the sects of Christianity. One has to activate the fullest measure of rationalization and moral equivocation even to post such drivel.
Try and stay on topic next time aussie boy. Please?

Anonymous said...

It was on topic. He asked if anyone could name another religion that killed people when they felt insulted. I named one that killed people without even needing THAT reason.

Perhaps YOU could deal with the issues at hand, rather than finding the need to commentate?

Anonymous said...

I note you also seem to have missed my point on the Arab world only makes up on 20% of the world's Muslims, and this is a minority of THOSE Muslims.

But I'm glad that you're doing things the way you usually do - condescendingly.

Anonymous said...

I do not mean to be soo condesending but how come you always seem to compare any violence with Christianity? We all know and understand about the checkered past of some denominations. (see Foxes book of Martyrs.) Christians have killed more Christians than any other outside force. It's in the past and the lesson is or the question should be how and when and if Islam can change or is the violence the norm?

Christopher Lee said...

Dude, that's almost the exact same thing I was about to say. Christians have been able to move on where as Muslims seem to be stuck.

Anonymous said...

That's actually not true. You're looking at Arab Muslim nations and generalising about all Muslim nations.

The problem doesn't extend from the religion, in that respect, it extends from the social. If you look at the history of western Christianity, the only reason we are where we are today is because of the enlightenment, and the subsequent revolution of liberal thought - basically we told the church where to stick their policies. We decided that the divine right of kings was a crock, and so on.

About a century ago, the Church stated that democracy was a sin. Look at us today.

Now that sort of social revolution has yet to happen in the Middle East, and as such, their society is radically different to ours - as are their expectations about the value of human life and so on. When we were in the same social situation as them a century or three ago, we treated people in the exact same way.

So it's not a matter of the religion being "stuck" - it's a matter of the social revolution.

Anonymous said...

Um...? Any particular reason that one was censored, or did you just miss it?

Christopher Lee said...

Sorry about that. It's up now.