Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Not Such A Good Idea

This is a bad idea. It's like giving Michael Jackson the keys to a daycare center. Want to know how you know it's a bad idea? Jimmy Carter, the terrorists best friend, supports it. But Carter's dementia, and these Republicans & Democrats ignorance, are showing. President Bush hasn't approved this yet. This isn't a done deal. He can still turn it down. But if you listen to Big Media stories, it's done and the UAE already controls the ports. Just another example of biased spin.
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Duez said...

Bush may go back on the deal. But he approved it. His Administration signed off on it. He hired people, delegated them to do his work... and set them off to do it. They did this. He did this. Period.

He may just have to undo it... before the republicans never win another election in our lifetime. This is the anti-terrorism, anti-war message if ever this is one: "Put our enemy in charge of our ports!"

As for Carter's comments, he shows supports for the President YOU Love and you crack him for it. Love it! What a mess Bush has created. He can't even win with support.

This stuff is almost too much to believe sometimes.