Friday, February 24, 2006

South Dakota To Ban Abortions?

There is a bill in the state of South Carolina, that if approved, will ban all abortions in the state except in cases where the mothers life is in danger. The bill could go to the governor as early as next week.
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Director of the Planned Parenthood in the state of South Carolina said
"We're still hopeful he'll hear the voices of women and families in South Dakota that say, 'Please don’t sign this bill; please protect the health and safety of the women in this state'"
But that's exactly what he's doing by signing this bill.
Death From Abortion 1
Death From Abortion 2
Death From Abortion 3
Death From Abortion 4
Death From Abortion 5 This one reeks of Nazism. Down syndrome isn't a reason to kill a child.
And here's a site with quite a few women who've died while having an abortion. But it's a pro-life site so it's all lies.

Abortions lead to death, and not only for the child. If it were up to me I'd ban them except in the cases that I've sighted in the past. But it's not up to me and it shouldn't be up to the Supreme Court. It should be a state by state issue. Just like gay marriage, let the people vote on it. If the citizens of California vote to allow abortions, let them. If the citizens of Oklahoma vote to ban abortions, let them. Nine people in country have far too much power.
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Anonymous said...

Abortions also cause later-life depression, suicide, and possible infertility in the mothers. But the clinics who make money won't tell you that part. It might cut into their profits.

Christopher Lee said...

Well, you can't actually think they'd tell people the truth.

Duez said...

Thank goodness it's not up to you Chris!

Anonymous said...

I can only hope someday the genocide against the unborn will cease in this great country. It (abortion); is a dirty blot on our nation.

Jake said...

Abortions also cause later-life depression (1), suicide (2), and possible infertility in the mothers (3).

(1) So does giving birth.
(2) So does giving birth.
(3) So does giving birth.