Monday, February 27, 2006

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

A treat for everyone. A look around Indian Chris's homestead.
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Here we have a tree in my back yard. I thought it looked pretty cool, no leaves and the blue sky with the clouds.

Here we have a look at some of the other poor people in my neighborhood.

My mutt on my worn out back deck.

Here we have my broken down shed that I hope to replace one day.

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You can't really tell, but those are horses out in the field across from my abode.

Here we are still in Winter and my pear tree is starting to bud.

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My faithful old flag waving in the breeze. God Bless America. And yeah, I got a butterfly plant hook. Want to make something of it?

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Darcey said...

Sweet! Looks like my kinda place

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I miss the open spaces! *sniffle* Out in my backyard, all you can see are power lines, hear the buzz of traffic, and smell gasoline. Bleh.

On the butterful plant hook, you could plant some moonvine seeds, scarlett o'hara morning glory, and blue morning glories. That would give you a red/white/blue vine. That's what I'm doing at my house. Moonvine opens at night, and the other ones open during the day. I'm currently growing mine right now, I'll post a photo when they bloom in a few weeks.

Christopher Lee said...

I'd move. There's no way you would
1) ever get me to live in California
2) especially in L.A.
I hear Montana's nice.

And it's funny how you think I could actually grow something. I had a cactus that died on me. It's not easy to kill a cactus, but I did.

Anonymous said...

you're dirt poor, eat shit.