Saturday, February 18, 2006

Laisser Le Bon Rouleau de Temps

Somehow they're able to organize a party after their city's been destroyed yet weren't able to get their act together when a hurricane was heading right towards them. Huh.
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... organise the evacuation of an entire city, removing many people from the only homes they have... or organise a much smaller portion of the populace to do a parade.

Heck, I know which I'd pick to organise.

Christopher Lee said...

Good to know where your priorities lie. Because everyone knows that planning this party is more important than trying to get people to safety.

Anonymous said...

I'm not making any statements about the importance of one over the other - I'm merely commenting on HOW EASY it is to do one, as compared to the other.

Christopher Lee said...

You know, Mississippi got hit just as bad as Louisiana yet somehow their local government was able to get people to safety. Their local Republican government.

Anonymous said...

1) What's the proportion of people who are too poor to have other homes to go to, to middle class people in Mississippi?

2) Did Louisiana have an example to work off already? FEMA didn't even have a plan for this sort of thing.

3) Playing party politics at a time like this is low - shows you really couldn't give a damn about the people who are being put out by the situation.