Thursday, February 16, 2006

Liberals Are Cowards

If you've ever wanted solid proof that a Liberal mindset is a dangerous thing, keep reading.
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The follwing is from Hannity & Colmes. It's Sean and Alan talking to a San Francisco, enough said, Supervisor who voted against having the U.S.S. Iowa docked in the city and turned into a museum.

Sean Hannity: you said to me you don’t want a symbol of war in the harbor.
Gerardo Sandoval: That’s Right.
SH: I guess this is just a difference of philosophy. That symbol of war that beat back the forces of fascism and imperial Japan and Nazism; that’s really a symbol of peace. Why would you see it as a symbol of war when it defended liberty and freedom?
GS: well, it did do that but it also is a warship. Its got guns on it and it fires things…SF is where we signed the UN charter; created the UN; there are many ways to honor veterans and their sacrifices.
SH: “Do you think America should unilaterally disarm, should we give up our tools of war?”
GS: “I would say yes, we should. We should invest our money in something else-”
Alan Colmes: Let me ask you a question: should we not have a military?
GS: I don’t think we should have a military…what good has it done us in the last five years.
AC: …But to say we should not have a military; it’s absolutely absurd; it’s incredible!
GS: Welcome to San Francisco.
AC: What do you want us to defend ourselves with?
GS: Well, you got cops; you got the coast guard there’s lots of different things.

That's got to be the dumbest thing a Liberal has ever said. And that's saying a lot. This soft brained, ignorant numb nuts thinks that the police should be the ones to protect us from al-Qaeda? Dear God. The mentality of this Mr. Sandoval is what has caused Europe to fall right into the toilet. God help us should people like him ever take this country over.
Credit: Opinionnation Times

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Anonymous said...

Actually, prior to the World Wars, Americans considered it unconstitutional to have a standing army. Go figure.