Monday, February 20, 2006

Protesters Threaten To Join al-Qaeda

See, these are kind of irrational, soft-brained people we're dealing with. And some actually think you can talk to people like this.
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Opinionnation said...

Can we shoot to kill now

Anonymous said...

Just so's you know, if it weren't that the Taliban had banned music, and were so strict on women and so on, the people would have liked them. It's just that they overstepped themselves.

They WANT a theocratic government. And since they haven't been through the same social revolutions the west has, that's hardly surprising.

Anonymous said...

Yea..The Taliban overstepped themselves with all those executions of women and children in the soccer stadiums. And those being mandatory to attend..even though the games were banned and music and dancing and everything else except rocking back and forth to put yourself into a trance reciting satanic verses. But; other than all those things..The Taliban government was well recieved by the people!

Anonymous said...

Despite the accuracy of your statements, I can't help feeling that there's an excess of sarcasm dripping off it.

The Afghanis wanted a theocracy, they just didn't want one that was quite so psychotically strict.

And I think you mean "qu'ranic verses".