Monday, June 5, 2006

Canadian Terrorists

There's something about the recent terror arrests in Canada that I haven't heard anyone talking about. Where it took place. This was in Canada. One of the most Liberal "Progressive" countries in the world. If you listen to some people radical Muslims are angry at, and hate, America for invading Iraq. So why target Canada? They're not involved in Iraq. Could it be possible that this is a bigger issue than just our involvement in the Arab world? Could it be that radical Muslims, rather than just despise the U.S., actually hate Western culture? And another thing. These were people shipped over from the Middle East. They were Canadian and American citizens. I'm a little confused. Someone, help me out here.

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Anonymous said...

Of course no one is mentioning it because it completely pulls the frickin rug out from under the Left's feet.

This is a positive thing because it debunks the Left's "They hate us because we fought them" theory.

Islam wants to destroy the West, end of story, point proven, etc.

And since the MSM is just a bunch of tools sitting around watching Michael Moore and Al Gore as tele-evangelists, no one is going to talk about this period.

At least we can toast each other for our intellectual superiority with some Dr. Pepper!

Anonymous said...

Radical Wahabist Islam knows no nationalism. It is a sadist philosophy. Much like Nazism but worse.

Christopher Lee said...

Or a bottle of Aquafina.

Anonymous said...

9/11 happened before Iraq. *gasp!* Did I just point out that there's more than 5 years history with people having gripes against the US?!

Canada was in the 1991 invasion of Iraq (I only know that because all their casualties were from US friendly fire).

Anonymous said...

Indian Chris:

Did you see that the dudes wanted to behead the PM?

Christopher Lee said...

Yeah, I saw that. They also wanted to take over the CBC.