Thursday, June 15, 2006

Racist Democrats And My Thoughts On The Party

Rachel Lea Hunter, running for North Carolina's Supreme Court, said the following about Black Republican Vernon Robinson
Like a good slave, he has returned to the plantation
However, Ms. Hunter did later revise her statement instead calling Mr. Robinson an "Uncle Tom".

You know, we should all be shocked when Democrats call Black Republicans "Uncle Tom" but it's happened so much over the last six years it's hard to be appalled. Uncle Tom, Aunt Jemima, Oreo, Sell-out, House Slaves, all have been used and for some reason all have been largely ignored by Big Media. Some outlets have talked about it, but none have really sunk their teeth into it. This, ladies and gentlemen, is where the Left in this country are going. More and more of the extreme far-Left are voicing their anger and hatred and are beginning to take over the Democratic party. I mean, just look at the man they put in charge of the party. The Left-wing are being pushed more and more to the far fringes. I'm not a fan of Hillary Clinton, but at least she's trying to make herself look more moderate. And what does she get for her trouble? Booed when she says the U.S. shouldn't immediately pull out of Iraq. I've said that I think she would be our next president, I'm now begging to doubt that. The extreme hate-wing of the Democratic party won't allow it.
Credit: The Daily Spork

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Anonymous said...

You do realise though, that this completely ignores what the Republicans have been doing for years.

Democrats make racial slurs and sure, argue against it all you want, but look at what you've been doing! Accusing people of being treasonous? Suggesting that people should die or be deported? Accusing people of secretly "wanting the terrorists to win"? Accusing people of secretly hating their own children who are off fighting in Iraq?

Insults based on ethnicity, sure, shouldn't happen. But you can hardly take a moral stand on it, and make out that they're obviously full of vile hatred, when you yourself have far exceeded any levels of malice that they employ.

Christopher Lee said...

One difference. I'm talking about those on the Left, not the right.

Christopher Lee said...

It's just funny how all these people can call blacks these names and people like Jesse Jackson are silent, but let a Republican come even close to saying something that might be considered racist and he's all over them like white on rice.

Anonymous said...

Well, even black people have expressed those opinions against black Republican supporters. It's an issue of party stances, and the Republican party doesn't stand for economically and socially equalising policies - it advocates money-making policies.

On the flipside, it's just funny how all these people can call anyone who disagrees with their political viewpoint a "freedom-hating terrorist-lover who should be anally raped in prison", but if there's even a single sign of anger against them, instantly their "terrorist lover" is also a hate monger who's deserving of their contempt.

And the difference you raised doesn't have any implications on my point. Does being a "leftist" mean that you're not allowed to insult people, while being a "rightist" suddenly allows you the use of suggesting the perpetration felonies as a method of insult?

Christopher Lee said...

There's a difference in wanting a terrorists who blows children up to be ass raped and calling someone a house slave because of their political affiliation.

Anonymous said...

I'm not talking about saying such things about terrorists, I'm talking about saying such things about people who disagree with Bush.

Christopher Lee said...

When have I called for someone who disagrees with Bush to be raped?

Anonymous said...

From memory the most you've ever said when insulting a "liberal" is that they deserve to be thrown out of the country or be imprisoned for treason, but I have attempted to ignore most of them for the purposes of furthering actual discussion - you may have once or twice suggested what might be termed a "Saddam experience" (although you've moved away from those sorts of statements this year).

However, when talking about the wider demographics, such assertions are fairly common and even became considered the expected response.

I've found it rather inhibitive to most discussions I've attempted to have with people who were not already questioning government actions, and it's still fairly regular to have people say that I'm an evil America-hater who should be killed because I question policy and political motives.

Heck, I've even had someone consistently harass me with comments like the fact that I had strepp throat a few months back was "something to do with sucking so much Islamic cock" and said that as a movie hero I would be (and I quote) "Abdul achmed al aksa mohammad, glorious murderer of jews, esteemed beater of the unrulely wife, and respected beheader of christian schoolgirls", because I made the suggestion that Israel has some measure of culpability in relation to the way they've treated their neighbours, that Muslims aren't all deranged individuals who want to slaughter everyone who doesn't conform to their empire-building ways and because I was willing to discuss the possibility that our tactics were not the most beneficial I was apparently a "terrorist-enabler" who needed to be reported to various government security services so that way I could be tortured and interrogated like "the traitor" I was.

In comparison, the levels of harassment are significantly higher towards the non-conservatives than they are towards the conservatives, because it's based on nationalism and perceived opposition. If you oppose, you're an enemy. Doesn't matter why you oppose, you stand in the way of freedom.
Liberals are less cohesive and self-policingly rigid in their beliefs (those who disdain other people's dissent generally do so from a belief in their mental superiority rather than the need to defeat all opposition and secure hegemony), so they'll only do this sort of thing when they believe people's rights are being betrayed, especially for self-gain, or when they believe people to be doing something ridiculously stupid - and even then it would be highly doubtful that they would suggest death, torture and suchlike... although there are always a few whackos.