Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup: U.S. vs. Italy - Spoilers

Italy 1:United States 1

Oh my God, what a game. Hands down the best game of soccer I've ever seen. It may have ended in a tie, but the U.S. went in and showed what they could do. If it weren't for the jackass retard of a ref, I think they could have won. Red cards that weren't deserved. Fouls that were bogus. A yellow card against Italy that was unnecessary. If FIFA doesn't send this idiot home I'd be surprised. I thought Bruce Arena, U.S. head coach, was going to come out there and beat the shit out of the ref after the second red card. I probably would have.

In the last post I did after the Czech Republic stomped the U.S. 3-0, I said that they(U.S.) had to win this game or that'd be it. Well, thanks to Ghana beating the Czechs that's no longer true. Okay, if I get this wrong someone who's more knowledgeable about this let me know. With Italy now having 4 points, Czech Republic and Ghana both with 3 points each and the U.S. with 1, the U.S. needs to beat Ghana on Thursday to even hope to advance. That would give them 4 points. Italy has to beat the Czech Republic, giving them 7 and the CR would still have 3, not enough to go. If the CR beats Italy, it goes to point differential between the U.S. and Italy. The US and Italy both could both have 4, and the U.S. against Italy in that situation lose. Right?

It seems that the jackass retard ref, Jorge Larrionda, was convicted in 2002 for sports corruption and wasn't allowed to officiate a game in the '02 World Cup. Now, if you follow soccer/football, then you know the trouble some Italian teams are in for fixing games. I'm not saying he was payed off, but it's something to look into.

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