Thursday, June 15, 2006

She's Got My Vote

Pornstar Melody Damayo, or "Mimi Miyaigi", is running for governor of Nevada. But here's the thing. She's running as a Republican. I mean, let's face it, she couldn't do any worse than the ones already in power. I tried to find a picture of her that I could post, but no luck. You can just view the ones on her site. Don't worry, most are G rated with a few PG's thrown in. Page 3 has the "worst" ones. Also, her views actually make some sense.

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Anonymous said...

Personality politics interferes with the actual balance of national influence on governmental policy.

Take for instance the beliefs she espouses. Lots of generalisations and representation of only half the facts.

Take her very first listed belief:
In Asian philosophy, you would never give up the individual to the state. Asian philosophy is much more individualistic..
This is why Japanese society was highly honour-based, where an individual could basically be handed a ritualistic suicide knife to "prove their loyalty" should they do anything against their family, clan or lieges.

The other thing that comes out of almost all Eastern philosophy is that it's impossible for a perfected self to be selfish. Selfishness is a barrier to be removed. Buddhism, Tao and so on - all very clear on that.

Or take her statement about women's suffrage and the Republican Party. Yes, Republicans supported it. So did the Democrats. Irrelevant point. The The head of the Demcratic Party was the one who pushed through the

And then lots of it boils down to personal opinions without any reference to the reality of the situation.

I mean, I doubt many people could rationally argue against her support of the implementation of Homeland Security. However, a single sentence shows that she hasn't looked into the logistics of the current way HS is designed:
Homeland security has no room for beauracracy.
That's precisely the attitude they said they were going to take when they designed it... and it currently functions in an almost exactly the same up-and-down-the-heirachy manner, with all the inability to get the people in charge to listen to you that it entailed prior to 9/11. But from that point, she moves onto who's going to run it - which isn't going to influence that problem.

And so on and so forth.

You can use an image to get people following you (such as start your very own "Search for a First Man competition" after having been a porn star), or you can work really hard at making sure you've got a major grasp on all the issues and can reason it all out clearly and convincingly. The former is only beneficial to the politician themself.