Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Wednesday Heroes

June 6, 1944

Yesterday was the 62nd anniversary of D-Day. To the brave U.S. servicemen who fought at Sainte-Mere-Englise, Omaha Beach, Utah Beach and Pointe Du Hoc; the brave British servicemen who fought at Benouville, Merville Battery, Gold Beach, Sword Beach and Caen; the brave Candian servicemen who fought at Juno Beach and Caen & the brave French servicemen who fought at Ouistreham, thank you. In the end, 29,000 Americans were killed and 106,000 were wounded; 11,000 British servicemen were killed and 54,000 were wounded; 5,000 Canadian servicemen were killed and 13,000 were wounded and over 30,000 Germans were killed and almost 80,000 were wounded. Because of what those 45,000 men who lost their lives and the 173,000 who were wounded did that day, again, we say thank you.

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Duez said...

This is one of my favorite subjects to teach about. The accounts of the men that were there are just amazing. And solemn. It really makes you realize how lucky we are to have come after this incredible generation of people.