Monday, June 12, 2006

This Saddens Me

Reading this really hurt. First it was massacre, then alcohol and now it's meth. As I've said before, Indians in this country are a dying breed. In the next hundred years I don't think there will be many left, if any. Now, I'm talking about full-bloods not mixed like myself. Throw all that in with this country's history of not caring about Indians. They're the poorest group of people in America, not blacks, not latinos, and yet their ignored by politicians when they talk about helping minorities.

Meth is also a big problem here in Oklahoma. It's cheap and relatively easy to make. Just throw a bunch of poisons together; paint thinner, acetone, lye and a few others and cook it. Viola, you have a drug that's a powerful as cocaine but with a high that lasts longer.

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Anonymous said...

Massacre, then alcohol, then petrol sniffing for the natives in Australia unfortunately.

Not entirely sure which is worse. Both are rather bad.

Christopher Lee said...

But this touches me a little different than Australian natives does you. I mean, I'm watching my people kill themselves and many of them just don't care.

We call it huffing over here, but I've never heard of it being done with gas though. Mostly glue and spray paint.

Anonymous said...

They do glue and spray paint too, but petrol is most common I believe.

It probably does touch you differently, but I don't identify with people by race - I identify with people as people. All people are people, so I want them to be in the best situation possible (if that makes sense). These groups are not getting the proper help they need, and are suffering for it, which is a terrible, terrible thing.

And I have much respect for both the Native Americans and the Aboriginals here in Australia, because there's much to learn from them.