Monday, June 19, 2006

News Roundup

A group linked with al-Qaeda has claimed that they are have kinapped two American soldiers who went missing in Iraq on Friday.

According to the Giving USA foundation, Americans, in 2005, donated $260.28 billion in aid around the world. The biggest chunk of that, 76.5%, coming from individual donations.

Japan, Australia and New Zealand have backed America in warning North Korea not to test a new intercontinental ballistic missile that could have the potential to reach the West coast of the United States.

New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagin, has asked for the help of the National Guard after a string of murders in the city.
Over the weekend, five teenagers were shot and one man was fatally stabbed in an argument over a beer.

The new U.N. Human Rights Council was inaugurated today. The the council sits noted human rights champions Cuba, Saudi Arabia and China.

A bear in Vancouver, Canada found the oatmeal just right. This one was too perfect to pass up.

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Anonymous said...

The thing I like, is that you continuously harp on about how Cuba, Saudi Arabia, China, and so on are on the UN Human Rights council, as though they're below US standards, yet you fail to note that the US is the only nation on the planet to have been charged with, what basically equates to terrorism and the funding of terrorism. Reagan and the Iran-Contra scandal.

It also continues to fund terrorist groups world-wide (eg: attacks by Peruvian fighter aircraft on civilian aircraft as a part of "combating drug smuggling", which led to all bar one of a family of US missionaries being killed in 2001).

Anonymous said...

I love the bear & oatmeal story!