Monday, March 19, 2007

Al Gore: Pollution Profiteer?

It just seems to get worse and worse for The Great Green Savior. It's now being reported that Al Gore has profited from a Zinc mining operation as recently as 2003. Now, I'm not sure if the mine itself has caused any pollution, even the article says there's no evidence of it, and I'm not a mining expert, but don't they have to use smoke billowing machines like bulldozers, cranes and dump trucks in an operation like this? That's a lot of pollution. More than my 2005 Dodge Neon can make.

The article seems to go out of it's way to stress that the pollutants the mine has released into the atmosphere has been very small. I guess that's okay. Better a small amount of death material than a large one, eh Albert.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Mining is normally messy business.

The two interesting things here is that Gore isn't the miner, that he's being paid royalties because the miners are mining from adjacent land under Gore's (no that doesn't stop him from protesting, refusing the money in a symbolic gesture if he can't stop a neighbour mining etc.)

However, he's talking about trying to 'clean-up mining' (with 'Earthworks', whoever they are?). In some ways that shows an enlightened attitude that, mining IS going to happen whether he likes it or not, so why not try to make mining more environmentally friendly?

Mining does seem like a strange business for an environmental campaigner to be involved in (and is a safe bet to be messier than Chris' Dodge Neon)