Thursday, March 15, 2007

Don't Do Your Civil Duty

This Was Brought To My Attention By John

My fellow Americans, and anyone else who's reading this. The next time you see something you feel is a little wonky, you need to just turn around and walk away. Unless you want to get sued that is. This couple saw something they thought was suspicious, and did what they felt was right. Did they over react? Maybe, but to be sued for it is just as much of an over reaction. People are just too damn bitchy anymore. Grow a set and get over it.

Actually, this couple should be grateful. At least they're not being beheaded for their insult to Islam. But I wouldn't be surprised if they're not threated, or worse, somewhere down the line.


Anonymous said...

Civic duty? (that's some sick joke, right?)
Where the problem with this lawsuit?
Being screwed around by people so stupid that they may even forget to breath...
I don't know who was worse, the imbecilic 'John Doe' couple, or the airline (who had recently been warned of these types of hoaxes) that believed them.
What's the suspicion? Praying in public? Being an Arab in proximity of an airport?
Let me guess, it was some moronic hayseed couple, on their first visit to 'the big city', panicked when they saw some of "those A-Rab terrorists guys from the magic tv-box", and if the deficit in their education is cured by a trip to court, and appropriate punitive measures, then so be it.

What the hell were airline thinking? That'd been warned of this exact type of thing, 'Moron A' (the passenger with the phone), was on the phone some considerable time (even went and cowered in the corner, continuing to supply 'intelligence' (I can understand the need for gun-licences, but some people are dangerous enough with a phone), it only takes seconds to ask 'so what are they actually doing?'... rather than just getting into unfounded panic
It's not like the airline made some minor mistake, said 'sorry', and put them on another flight, the plaintiffs (despite one being a regular customer), had a most unpleasant 2 days (which they aren't likely to forget) are barred from the airline, after a solid public humiliation.
I've read both sides of the argument as presented, and can say with some great certainty that the airline and 'John Does' are a disgrace. It's a mentality like those that will see America (within five years) rounding people up on ethnic basis, locking them in ghettoes, and gassing them.
I can only hope to see the airline + 'John Does' get the best the court can throw at them.

Christopher Lee said...

Boy Murph, I love your little hate rant.

Let me guess, it was some moronic hayseed couple, on their first visit to 'the big city', panicked when they saw some of "those A-Rab(even though not all of them were Arab) terrorists guys from the magic tv-box

Boy, howdy, let me tell you. Being a hayseed Redneck, like I am, I hate seeing those damn sand niggers on the magic tv-box. Any time I see one on the street, with their dirty beard and funny hat, I call the police hoping that they'll beat them. I tell you what.

Now, I know to close eyed Liberals like yourself, all you see are some poor Muslims being harassed because they were Muslims. But if you actually open those eyes and close that mouth, you'd see something else. Like the fact that these Imams set the whole thing to get a reaction like this. Sitting in seat all over the plane, asking for seatbelt extenders even though none of them were fat an actually needed one, changing Allah over and over, one of them saying that he would do whatever was necessary to carry out his obligations to the Qu'ran, voicing their objections to the War In Iraq, pacing around and a few other things.

Now, I know that down in Australia, you're too busy playing with your Kangaroos and Koalas to care about terrorism, but here in America I'm glad we have people like this who are keeping an eye out for things like this.

Anonymous said...

No, I saw that in articles 110 + 111 of their lawsuit, that the media turned it into a circus, not the plaintiffs (call it prejudice, but I believe the media on matters like this about as far as I could throw them)

"Sitting in seat all over the plane" they did try to get the other two upgraded to first-class (not where they where sitting had anything to do with it, they were screwed for 2days as soon as the fool with the phone(sorry about the hayseed wind-up, I'm a county-boy too, but I do love a wind-up) 'dropped a dime on them' (that's the correct term? yes?)

It's essentially the same problem you had/have with Black people, as soon as the police seen a black man in an expensive car, something's going to happen. Is that all ok in 'the land of the free'? Freedom for who, and at what cost?

How did you know about my Kangaroos?
I've been training 'em up to fight terrorists... everyone's got 'em over here, but I thought I'd do something useful with them (now I just gotta remember to shave, it's the beards that sets 'em off).

... and don't start me on the freakin' koalas, man you you're lucky you've only got terrorists to deal with.... those koalas are EVIL! (they'll take your soul, doomed to walk the earth as the undead, unless... no wait, that's Scientologists)

Anonymous said...
totally contradicts both the report on LGF and the legal docs submitted (It looks better when people stick with original story, even if it is weak)
While the RICHARD MINITER version seems to try and distance itself from the half-wit with the phone story
"The public prayers and an Arabic phone call triggered no alarms."
So what? The phone call was disregarded, but the marshals 'were in the neighbourhood' when the conversation was overheard about bin laden/saddam...?
Neither story washes, and together they are contradictory. Then there's the legal docs, which shed more light on the matter than anonymous hearsay from "Pauline".

I thought 'snakes on a plane' was unconvincing at best (god bless unlimited ADSL), but surely someone can come up with something that won't go 'straight to DVD release'... no wait, the blind guy had laser vision! and the others were going confound everyone 'god is great' on repeat.
I mean seriously, if it was anything other than a dose of prejudice they'd be in Cuba by now (one plane-trip without any delays)