Tuesday, March 20, 2007

At It Again

This Was Brought To My Attention By John

Those crazy Muslims are doing it again. This time they've put a bounty of $11,000 on the head, literally, of author Taslima Nasreen.
Saw This Evil Woman's Head Off


You know, I smell a new game show in the making for the Muslim world. Who Wants To Behead An Infidel. Your host, Antar al-Shahar, will offer the contestants a reward for every man, woman and child they chop the head off who dares speak ill of Islam. No more goat herding for Muntasir. He's rich.


Anonymous said...

Whats this? No comments from the pro-terrorist pro-Islam crowd?
Murphy? Za? Cat got your tonques??
Reality setting in?? No attempted debunking from your experiences as a good dihimmi?
I'am extremely disappointed in you both concerning this silence on a story concerning this debased Islamic culture story. Where is all the whinning and applogies for the poor little head choppers?

Anonymous said...

I've been busy doing actual study, sorry John I couldn't answer the moonbat signal fast enough.

I find it interesting that it's being portrayed by you and Chris as though all Muslims are behind this, when the original article (the one that LGF cites and then misrepresents) says that it's a splinter group that's put this out. And by "splinter group" that means that they fractured away from the main group - the one cited as having actual influence.

Nice try blaming it on Islam, once again, it's individuals.

Anonymous said...

Heh..Individuals who happen to be Muslim supported by the Newspaper and Government media. If it walks like a Duck and Quacks like a Duck; then it's a Duck! I guess logic once again escapes your feeble mind.

Anonymous said...

You're trying to suggest that the entire of India is in on it?

India is a Hindu country you retard. Only 13.4% of their population is Muslim (and that's around 0.1% of all the world's Muslims give or take).

So yeah, you must be right, because what less than 1% of a group does must apply to the entire group.

Oh wait, no, that's bullcrap.

Oh, and by the way, you're proving yourself to be doubley an idiot by saying they're "supported" by the newspapers and government media. It's being reported, but that's not the same thing as "supported". They're a HINDU COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of where it is in this article; this type of mentality and custom is MAINSTREAM in Islam and Islamic tradition. It speaks volumes about the culture of suppresion of women and violence that is Islam. That is what you seem to deny.

Anonymous said...

Well so far you've been wrong on every point you've brought up. Add to that the fact that now you're resorting to authoritative form rather than using any actual evidence (because funnily enough this is not an issue with Islam - it's an issue that exists all across the 3rd world) and it's fairly clear you're spouting crap.

Furthermore, the fact that you believe militant Islam is "mainstream Islam", when it doesn't even make up 10% of Muslims is just more evidence against you.

Anonymous said...

I guess you are still using Wikipedia for your facts and assertions heh? Along with the blatantly false information you surf for on marxist websites? LMAO...
Whats going to happen when you finally wake up from your leftist lunacy? Militant Islam is ISLAM because it states so in the Qur'an.
That is the "Main" book is it not?
Kill Kill Kill from cover to cover; comming to a nieghborhood near you soon!

Anonymous said...

"Militant Islam is ISLAM because it states so in the Qur'an"

Have you read the Qur'an, John?

Anonymous said...

I have read the places where things are made abundantly clear about what the so called religion of Hate is all about.
Why don't you tell us Murphy; because I'am sure YOU have read it cover to cover. Enlighten us please. Surly you know more about it than most Muslims and other Arabic speakers because after all you are a liberal and everyone knows libs are smarter and better schooled in every subject than their non-liberal counterparts.

Anonymous said...

What John hasn't read is any context.

The fact that the Qu'ran forbids Muslims from being the aggressors in any conflict for instance, is prime among the things he ignores.