Friday, March 16, 2007

Q & A Time

Q: Who leaked Valerie Wilson's name to Robert Novak?
A: Richard Armitage

Q: Why, then, are Democrats going after Rove, Cheney and Libby?
A: Armitage is a opponent of the War On Terror and isn't a fan of the Bush administration. Therefore he gets a pass.


Obob said...

The part I like, is Novak describes Armitage as one who loves to gossip. And this character has security clearance?
Great blog, i will be stopping by

Anonymous said...


In 1998, Armitage signed "The Project for the New American Century" letter (PNAC Letter) to President Bill Clinton. The letter urged Clinton to target the removal of Saddam Hussein's regime from power in Iraq due to erosion of the Gulf War Coalition's containment policy and the resulting possibility that Iraq might develop weapons of mass destruction. The letter's intended purpose of removing Hussein was to protect Israel and other U.S. allies in the region, including oil-producing Arab countries...

During the 2000 U.S. Presidential election campaign, he served as a foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush as part of a group led by Condoleezza Rice...

There was some media speculation that President Bush would appoint him to a key security position such as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Director of National Intelligence or Defense Secretary.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, in an interview with CBS News 60 minutes on September 21, 2006, alleged that Armitage called an ISI general immediately after the September 11, 2001 attacks and threatened to "bomb the country (Pakistan) back to the stone age" unless they supported the US-led war on terror. Presently, Musharraf has refused to provide details, commenting that he is unable to provide details due to restrictions by the publisher (Simon & Schuster) of his upcoming book. President Bush on the other hand has mentioned that he only became aware of these comments as late as September 2006, when he read them in the newspapers. Armitage confirmed he had held a conversation with the Pakistani general to whom Mr. Musharraf had sourced the comments, but denied using a threat of military action couched in such terms on the claimed basis that he was not authorized to do so.

Yeah, he sure sounds like an anti-Bush, anti-war guy.

Anonymous said...

The common sentiment among the pollitically knowledgable is that just about all of The State Department save the Secratary; are against the current Republican administration. Nearly 80% of them are clinton hires and appointees.

Christopher Lee said...

Don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia. Wasn't it announced there that Sinbad had died this week?

Anonymous said...

Wikipedia is a user edited "encyclopedia". The definitions and things they claim as truth are usually nothing more than the opinions of those who have edited them. It is not a trusted source for accurate information nor was it ever intended to be it seems.

Anonymous said...

However, there is something you can do with that quote that you don't seem to have the balls to do John. Check it... and oh, lookee here, he did sign that letter.

And he was sworn in as Deputy Secretary of State in March 2001. Wow, that Clinton had a good reach if he could get people sworn in after he was out of office! Especially since he was nominated by a Senate committee, and not the bureaucracy.

Oh, and even further, he's actively involved in the Iraqi cleanup effort.

So golly gee John, I'm glad you bothered to look that one up, because it was such a good job you did of proving Murphy wrong.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia's curse, and yet it's saving grace, is that it can be edited by "anyone."

The key to a good page is one full of references.

If you read "Sinbad was killed on Tuesday" and there's not a link or any reference point to back it up, do not believe it. ;)

I guess John would have preferred that I linked to Conservapedia?

Anonymous said...

Those don't look like signatures to me buddy boy. In fact its just an easily made up web page. Can you produce a scanned photocopy of the document with a "Signature"?
Sheesh. Za; How stupid can you get?
Besides it was Jakes assertion about Armitage, not Murphy.
Besides what does it really matter?
Armitage is getting a pass when he is the one who ADMITS he leaked the name to Novak.

Anonymous said...

In fact its just an easily made up web page.

It's the official PNAC website.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is, but those definatly are not "signatures" as claimed above.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, Za said Armitage signed it. Not necessarily that he had a viewable image of the signature.

Anonymous said...

"Besides it was Jakes assertion about Armitage, not Murphy."
Yeah, I kept out of this one, but since someone brought-up Conservapedia, I will say that I did get a solid laugh when someone showed me the plans for Conservapedia.
I think it is a great idea...
... as anytime I have a shit day, I'll just have a quick browse through that, and I'm those clown's absurd re-interpretation of, well, everthing, will fix the worst of bad moods. I can't read that much bullshit and stay in a bad-mood/not laugh uncontrollably

Anonymous said...

Besides it was Jakes assertion about Armitage, not Murphy.
Wow, you got something right!

Sorry Jake, I was in a rush at the time.

Besides what does it really matter?
Well let's see, you said he was getting let off for being a liberal, when that's obvious bullcrap. So it matters a bit when it's proof that you're attempting libel.

Anonymous said...

Nope I did not say that. Can't read anymore huh? I said he was getting off scott free after he admitted he was the leak. I made no assertion he was a lib because he is not one. (He is not a conservative either by the way)
He is a Diplomat. (Carrier of the appeasement disease)