Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adventures In The ER

If you'll remember back to June of last year I talked about going to the ER for a kidney stone. I had to make another trip last night. On Wednesday I noticed that my right leg was a little sore. Thought it was just a sore muscle. Then Thursday it was a little more sore, it felt a little stiff and was turning red. Then on Friday it was bad. I could barely walk, my leg was bright red, it was very stiff and there was a lot of pain. Woke up yesterday and it was a little better. So I decided to wait until Monday to see what it was doing whether or not to have it checked out. Then I was told by someone that it could be a blood clot, so I decided to go ahead and head to the ER just to make sure. Long story short, it wasn't a blood clot but rather Cellulitis. Which is just an infection. So nothing to worry about. But I did have one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life while there. Not sure if anyone has ever been tested for a blood clot in the leg but what they have to do is take an ultrasound of the leg. And they start right up in your groin. Now, I'm very ticklish. Very. And she has this thing right up in there. I'm wondering why I even have my underwear on she was so far north. Every time she presses down I'm clenching every muscle I have and trying not to laugh while laying there with this strange woman digging in my groin. No pain, but I never want that again. 3 1/2 hours all this took with the last 45 minutes just waiting around for them to give me my prescription for antibiotics and discharge me. I think I still have some of that gel from that ultrasound on me.


BetteJo said...

A blood clot was my first thought at your description. Best not to mess with something like that - glad it turned out to be something else! Even if you had to be tickled to death to find out!