Monday, February 9, 2009

What's Being Stimulated By This Bill? Part II

Some of the wasteful spending that's included in the Senate's "stimulus" package.

$2 billion to re-start FutureGen, a coal power plant in Illinois that was defunded because the DOE said it was inefficient

$246M tax break for Hollywood producers to buy, get this, motion picture film

$88M for the Coast Guard to design a new polar icebreaker

$448M for constructing the Homeland Security headquarters

$248M to furnish the Homeland Security headquarters

$600M to buy hybrid vehicles for federal employees

$1.4B for rual waste disposal programs

$125M for the Washington sewer system

$150M for Smithsonian museum facilities

$1B for the 2010 Census. Want to read something scary? Read this. They did this yesterday, 8th, without any fan fair from the media. Imagine if Bush had done this.

$75M for smoking cessation activities

$200M for public computer centers at community colleges

$75M for salaries of employees at the FBI

$25M for tribal alcohol and substance abuse reduction

$500M for flood reduction projects on the Mississippi river

$10M to inspect canals in urban areas

$6B to turn federal buildings "green"

$500M for state and local fire stations

$650M for wildland fire management on forest service lands

$1.2B for youth activities

$88M for renovating the HQ of the Public Health Service

$412M for CDC buildings and property

$500M for building and repairing National Institues of Health facilities in Bethesda, MD

$160M for paid volunteers at the Corporation for National and Community Service

$5.5M for engery efficiency initiatives at the Department of Veterans National Cemetery Administration

$850M for Amtrak

$100M for reducing the hazard of lead-based paint

$75M to construct a security training facility for State Department Security officers

$110M to the Farm Service Agency to upgrade computer systems

$200M in funding for the lease of alternative energy vehicles for use on military instillations

That was a lot of typing. Again, some good things that maybe should be funded but how do they help get the economy back on track?


Unknown said...

"how do they help get the economy back on track?"
While I don't necessarily believe the theory, it relies on the idea that if the government puts money into projects that supports jobs (over here it's infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, school buildings, and other capital works) then you are employing a large number of people on these projects that will then spend/pay tax on the money they earn - cycling money through the economy, creating growth in activity (a left-wing variation on the flawed neo-con 'trickle down effect'?).
While the immediate criticism is that it is a huge amount of money to waste, the idea is to spend it on projects that have to be done anyhow, just you are doing them now rather than over a longer period of time, and getting increased economic activity when it's needed.

As I said, I don't necessarily believe it (or most 'economic theory' for that matter), but that's the idea the US, and other gov's around the world are working on.
You know 'you got to spend money to make money'... and all that BS.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! Only a brainwashed wingnut could not see the worker how will keep their jobs, manufactures producing products, the auto industry making vehicles ect...

This is what i was talking about, wingnuts can't comprehend and just regurgitate Limbaugh! UGGG!