Saturday, February 7, 2009

What's Being Stimulated By This Bill?

With the Senate moving toward a tenuous compromise on the White House's economic stimulus plan, President Barack Obama hammered at the urgent need to pass a bill that will jump-start the struggling economy and put people back to work.
Really? Ok, can President Obama, and those who support this bill, please explain to us how:

$4 billion for neighbor stabilization activities, whatever that is
$600 million for new cars for government bureaucrats
$50 million for the National Endowment of the Arts
$75 million for anti-smoking programs
$650 million for the switch to digital television signals
$335 million to prevent STD
$32 million for the "Smart Grid", which we should all be against
$600 million for climate change research
$6 billion to weatherize modern homes
$6 billion for high speed internet for rural areas
$20 billion to modernize health-information technology systems

is going to help "jump-start the struggling economy and put people back to work"? There are actually a few noble things in this bill, what do they have to do with stimulating the economy? This bill is nothing but pork and payouts to special interest groups. Then, on top off all that, we have the government, lead by President Obama, employing tried and true scare tactics to try and get the America people to support it. Thank God they're not falling for it.