Friday, February 27, 2009


Are you like me? Do you have old, broken electronics laying around the house. You can't just throw them away because they contain chemicals that are dangerous. You want to dispose of them properly. But how? Best Buy, that's how. They now have a tech recycling program. And it's free for most items. Cell phones, cameras, video game consoles, most computer parts and even batteries. They don't, however, take large appliances such as refrigerators, items that use freon, computer hard drives or televisions/monitors larger than 32". But they do have a haul away program for such items that does cost a fee. I have an old cell phone and a crap load of batteries I have to get rid of tomorrow. And by "crap load" I mean a CRAP LOAD. Three Ziploc baggies full of them.


BetteJo said...

I wanted to drag our big 36" TV out to the curb and my son convinced me he would find some proper place to get rid of it.
It's still in my utility room.